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Who am I?

Joy-Jo is the name I have chosen to introduce my craft-made jewels in copper, silver, gold and semiprecious stones.
To draw a jewel I interpret the material, its light and the result is a unique jewel that I make by hand in my workshop in Milan.
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches become the perfect accessories for a woman who looks for uniqueness and craftsmanship in what she wears.
Each of my jewelry is the result of a unique story, design and lightness make it special and different from any other.

The Path

Rediscovering a technique of weaving that i had first learned from my grandmother when i was still a child… Was like rediscovering a thread that has run throughout my life, albeit concealed amid the numerous threads that lead us onwards – it turns out that this particular thread has always been there, and has always been a part of me.

After a long managerial career as an architect and designer, i decided to set out on a new path – new encounters, new ideas, new threads moving in a precise direction, forming a weave, a design, a new story.

And so it was that in 2009, i created joy-jo.

A new start, a road lined with study, research and experimentation. I developed a passion for textile jewellery and, crucially, a love for metal: cold and hot, matt and gloss, rigid and pliable, rich and poor… But always obedient, always ready to indulge my creative whims, imperfections included, and to be beaten into shape – a loyal friend with the capacity to give physical form to my thought.

The force of my fingers, the ductility of the material and the intensity of my soul, all working together to express and share my emotions.

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